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This is temporary sanity
06 June 2011 @ 02:55 pm
Right now, I'm having my own personal True Blood marathon. I'm about to finish season 1 then I'll move on to season 2 and then season 3. :) I cannot wait for season 4 to come out. Only 20 more days until the premiere of season 4!!

And only 22 more days until David Cook's new album comes out. This girl will probably be getting it early!

Summerfest is coming up at the end of this month. I'll be going 4 or 5 days to see some acts that I'm really happy about:

June 30th: Panic! At the Disco
July 1st: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
July 2nd: 100 Monkeys (Jackson Rathbone)
July 8th: Goo Goo Dolls or Crash Kings
July 10th: MIGGS

So yeah I'll be taking lots of video and photos for you all. :)

really have nothing else to say.
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This is temporary sanity
22 November 2010 @ 12:55 am
You all know that I'm in the David Cook fandom.

This fandom, like any other fandom, can be full of crazies and I think I have found one tonight.

Warning: the text you are about to read will make your jaw drop then it will make you laughCollapse )

Here's to you Sexy_Mermaid:
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This is temporary sanity
07 June 2010 @ 04:26 pm


FO BANNER: fatal_complexes

Leave a comment below if you wish to be my friend.
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This is temporary sanity
07 June 2010 @ 04:23 pm
You claim that I leaked your entries for all the world to see.


Get it through your head!!

I've done nothing but nice things to you. Sure I may have skipped over your entries and I haven't commented on your entries. But that doesn't give you the FUCKING right to make false claims on someone that didn't do SHIT to you. You need to get the information right, girlie.

I hope you have a good life.


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This is temporary sanity
16 March 2010 @ 04:27 pm
Have you ever stumbled across a celebrity in your daily life? Was it more or less exciting than you would have expected? Do you have any interest in meeting media stars?

I've been to a lot of concerts and I've met most of the musicians afterwards. I've also talked with a few celebs that came to the movie theater that I work at. We had a few comedy shows and had some pretty big names come into our theater.

~All of Dir en grey (Die-quiet, shy, said "hi" to him and he waved back; Kaoru-all smiles when I met him; Kyo-a very, very, shy guy but really nice; Toshiya-biggest flirt...even flirted with me a few times while he was on stage; Shinya-shy but really nice guy)
~All of Ayabie (Aoi, Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, Kenzo)
~All of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (All of them are awesome guys!)
~David Cook (Goofy guy but he's very humble and down to earth!)
~Kyle Peek (Drummer for David Cook's band)
~Green River Ordinance (Josh J., Josh W., Jamey, Geoff, Denton)
~Michael Winslow (talked to him after his last show at the theater that I work in. Very funny and nice guy!!)
~Ralphie May (nice guy but needs to lay off the drugs a bit)
~Most of Season 8 of Idol:
Allison Iraheta (Very sweet girl)
Michael Sarver (Cute and nice guy)
Matt Giraud (very talkative and nice)
Anoop Desai (ok guy)
Megan Joy (she wasn't very nice at all)
Scott MacIntyre (Nice guy)

~Dan Frischman (Remember him from Kenan And Kel? He was the store manager that Kenan worked at in the show? Yeah him!)
~Marc Price (Skippy from Family Ties...ok guy)
~Ray Nitschke (Met him when I was about 5 or 6 years old. He was a linebacker for my homestate team, The Green Bay Packers. I got his autograph and I got to play with his SuperBowl ring...I don't really remember doing this though. This is what my mother told me that I did with him.)
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This is temporary sanity
28 July 2009 @ 12:06 am
From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?

Ummm...Edward Cullen but if it was a real person I'd have to say either David Cook or Kaoru from Dir en grey.
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This is temporary sanity
27 July 2009 @ 02:30 pm
This is the second of three reports I have for seeing David Cook so this will be long. Be prepared for some fangirling ahead.
Please Note: the vids are not mine! The pictures are mine so if you are taking them, please credit!! The vids are from http://DavidCooksFan.com

even more fangirling!!Collapse )
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This is temporary sanity
27 April 2009 @ 05:39 pm
Ok, well this whole Swine Flu thing is getting out of control on TV.

People that live in my state are basically freaking out, making it sound like it's the Black Plague that's going to attack us tomorrow. SRSLY, I know the Swine Flu is considered a big deal and it's a strain of the flu, but it can be preventable with just a simple wash of your hands. Don't freak out because you hear that the Swine Flu is here in the US! This whole thing is getting out of control and it's all because of the news, telling people all about the Swine Flu!

I am sick of this shit! People need to stop freaking out about this. The cases that are in the US are contained better than the ones in Mexico.

(Sorry I just have to get this off of my chest!)
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This is temporary sanity
14 April 2009 @ 08:47 am
I am listening to two spanish speakers bicker about something and it's annoying the FUCK out of me!!

*throws shoes at their heads*

Srsly, SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE!!!! I can hear them over my music that I am listening to!

No offense to anyone who speaks Spanish on my flist!!
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This is temporary sanity
13 April 2009 @ 06:34 pm
That stands for Potter Puppet Pals!

There is a new one out and I laughed so hard!


it's fucking hilarious!!!
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